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Ground Requirements

Hot Tubs & Games Hire Glasgow have a few ground requirements to consider before you make your purchase.


We need a secure non communal level piece of ground no smaller than 4m x 4m squared to fit the Hot Tub and gazebo onto.

We do not set up in communal gardens or flats due to insurance purposes.

If the hirer has pets please make sure all mess is cleared and area is clean on set up day.

We can set up on concrete, gravel, slabs, grass , if you want the hot tub set up on decking please be aware of the combined weight of the hot tub with water and people within as this can be in excess of 1 ton.

We must have access to a supply of electricity for the duration of the hire period, we supply an industrial extension lead on the day of set up and client must be willing to feed this out of a window shed/garage. Our hot tub pump has an integrated RCD for extra protection and our lights are low voltage outdoor rated LCD.

We also must have access to a tap on the day of set up, we have numerous adaptors for internal or external taps if required, some taps are odd in shape and therefor adaptors will not fit, if in doubt contact us with a picture of your tap and we can advise on this.

If possible we can use two hoses for quicker filling with some hot water, this reduces heat up time.

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